About Healthy Love Affair

About Healthy Love Affair

Healthy Love Affair is a platform dedicated to sharing tips and secrets to help foster and maintain a healthy relationship.

Today, many relationships — both premarital and marital — are either on the edge of breakup or have already fallen over. It may interest you to know that a significant amount of these situations are caused by trivial issues, many of which are totally avoidable.

In general, many threatened or broken relationships could still be saved, if only those involved knew exactly the right actions to take and when to take them. Also, hardly would you find anybody, whose intention to go into a relationship is to get heartbroken. As a  matter of fact, many do not know when their relationship starts going off course, only to realise how far they have wandered off when it’s already too late.

These and many other relationship challenges are what we will be discussing on this platform. We will be sharing tips and secrets on how to identify and fix them, or how to totally avoid them as the case  may be.

As part of the community, if you happen to have any useful tip, advice or article that can be beneficial to our readers, which you are willing to share, please send it in using our contact us page or via our email: [email protected] . If sending in an article, please ensure the article is related to the focus of this site, well written, meaningful and unique. We will only publish articles that meet these requirements and as well give due credit and reference to the author.

Have suggestions or would like us to write on a particular topic? Feel free to get in touch with us via our contact us page or send us an email: [email protected] .